Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Our Lady of Caysasay Medical Center’s undertaking to be an alternative destination of stakeholders seeking medical services in Metro Manila, with steady progress, the Center for Diagnostic Imaging now provides a state of the art facility that is a cut above the rest in Western-Batangas.  With the acquisition of modern medical radiology equipments and partnering with expert consultants in the field of diagnostic imaging we deliver accurate results and safe patient management.  The center uses a 1.5 Tesla MRI System and a 16 Slice CT scan System which unparalleled in the area in terms of giving a faster scanning time, higher image quality and much broader selection of procedures.  The center is also the pioneer in having a film-less x-ray with the use of Computed Radiography system and a web-based Radiology Information System – Picture Archiving and Communication System (RIS-PACS).

The Computed Radiography System is a high-tech process in which the latent image of an X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan and MRI are converted into a digital image or a DICOM image format.  These DICOM images are stored on a web-based PACS system, wherein consultants may view, access, manipulate and augment the images in the computers within the hospitals’ network.  Since the PACS system is web-based, off-site access for the patients’ images is also possible thru computers with internet connections.

The Center for Diagnostic Imaging also offers specialized ultrasound procedures with consultants trained with specialty for breast, OB-sonology ang general sonography.  Equipped with three high-end ultrasound machines, the center also employs highly trained female Radiologic Technologist to help assists Sonologists by doing pre-scanning procedures.