Our Lady of Caysasay Medical Center Nutrition and Dietetics Section provide highest form of Nutrition and Dietetics Services to its client in the improvement of their health and well- being.  The section was under the management of Registered – Nutritionist Dietitians to ensure and promotes optimal nutritional status of its client through medical nutrition and diet therapy intervention in accordance with the physicians’ orders and consistent with each individual’s physical, medical, ethnic, religious and social needs. Daily patient’s visitation of the Registered Nutritionist – Dietitian was implemented to attend the special needs/request of the patients.

We offer Nutrition and Diet Counseling, Diabetes Education, and Tube Feeding Formula Preparation for In Patient and Out Patient.

  • Meal Service (In-Patient)
  • Blenderized Formula Preparation
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling (In-Patient/Out-Patient)
  • Diet Instruction

Corporate Packages

  • Lectures available
    • Nutrition Caravan ( Every month of July)
    • Diabetes and Nutritional Intervention
    • Kidney Diseases
    • Nutritional Information for all life stages
    • Other topics available depends on the needs (Recommended for all Companies, Universities  & Schools)

For more detailed nutrition counselling, it is highly recommended that you consult with our experts at Nutrition and Dietetics Services Section. Opens Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.