Below this additional off excellence you to definitely Leo exudes, however, was a-deep-resting inferiority complex that is particularly brought for the Corrin

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Below this additional off excellence you to definitely Leo exudes, however, was a-deep-resting inferiority complex that is particularly brought for the Corrin

Below this additional off excellence you to definitely Leo exudes, however, was a-deep-resting inferiority complex that is particularly brought for the Corrin


Leo was depicted due to the fact a characteristics whom and has now a passionate intellect, one which the guy devotes to the study of miracle and you may method. In this regard, he or she is considered diligent and committed inside the honing their options to help you a fine, evident edge, to the stage in which they are generally regarded as a genius who’s more effective at perfectly dealing with any tough condition. Further flattering this part of Leo’s identification ‘s the cold attitude regarding calm that he assumes on, the one that the guy resolutely preserves inside the face of trying situations.

This inferiority state-of-the-art is not one that took its origins from Corrin are their intellectual advanced, stemming alternatively regarding the simple fact that it receive a great deal more focus out of Xander and Camilla than simply he really does. That it measurement of Leo’s profile try unveiled courtesy his supports having Corrin, in which the guy, throughout midst from tutoring them about art off strategy, shows their envy regarding Corrin that have acquired even more desire than just they have off each other Xander and Camilla.

Leo reveals absolutely nothing love for his mommy as he is simply used given that influence into the political conflict between Garon’s concubines. He flatly states so you can Elise in their service he hated his mom.

Leo shows he really cares for their senior step-sis, Azura around Xander and Camilla would. In the supports which have Azura, Leo admires Azura’s song. He apologizes to help you Azura, proclaiming that their vocal entranced him, when he had never heard music-like one to just before. Leo is additionally conscious of the brand new tales in regards to the Nohrians’ mistreatment towards the one another their along with her mommy, Queen Arete.

This fact shall be noticed throughout the his S-Supporting, in which he’s shown to abstain from becoming also powerful when you look at the his just be sure to persuade the individual the guy likes to accept your, choosing alternatively to consider a more sluggish, yet steady approach to confirm new trustworthiness of their heart

Regardless of him are recognized as an emotional genius, Leo is not blinded from the his profile to the level off arrogance and you can pomposity. He is as an alternative proven to beat people whom the guy activates toward maximum regard and you can civility, a fact that assists him growing strong matchmaking having relative simplicity. Their supporting which have Mozu prove this point, where he, in response to their woefully posting comments you to she is maybe not brand new proper individual seek out to own approach guidance, be sure to says to the woman you to definitely differing people has additional strengths and you can outlooks that can help cause them to who they really are.

Leo was also depicted become somewhat this new close, able to trapping the center of the people who they have dropped crazy about. Leo’s S-Help which have Nyx stands since the an example to prove so it fact; contained in this help, the guy carefully burns the newest persistent insecurities one she ports of being swept up in the torso off a young child by the urging her so you can imagine by herself due to the fact an adult in advance of carefully taking their in order to thought him as the the girl companion. Within the performing this, he works into the persuading Nyx of your own sincerity out of his love, following right up his thoughts with an offer.

Leo hates their dad’s retainers Iago, Hans and Zola just as much as their 50 % of-sisters create, which is shown to be questionable on the the individuals he’s establish a huge disdain to possess, Iago and you can Zola like excel since the somebody Leo despises many, when he runs Iago to own his several tries to destroy Corrin along with his refusal to just accept overcome regarding cowardice within the Birthright and you can Conquest. Leo together with executes Zola from inside the Conquest and you may Disclosure on account of their cowardice (looking to victory the war disgracefully inside Conquest and you can getting Sakura while the good hostage inside the Revelation), though when you look at the Birthright, the guy dating apps for Local Singles adults almost eliminates your on account of your trying flee that have a smokescreen, but Corrin is able to convince your so you can free Zola. Inside Conquest, the guy does not frequently inform you people hatred into the him, just carrying out him once the he would provides released their treasonous work to Garon if you don’t. Hans ‘s the just one Leo cannot eliminate really, but the guy however suggests specific hatred around your, and you may reveals no guilt as he, as well as the Nohrian royals, kills him to have his shameless crimes.

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